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Play Chess in Pattaya

For all Pattaya Chess fanatics!

Chess Tables Every Day From 12.00 Noon to 7.00 PM

Feel free to visit Let's Hyde Resort & Villas in Pattaya Nua (Nakula) any time during the day or weekend. Both young and mature Chess players are welcome. Bring a friend and play, order a beer to coffee and sit for as long as you want. 

We have 4 tournament style Chess tables with analog clocks, (bring your own clock if you want a digital one).

The goal of the Let's Hyde Chess venue is to promote a new place for young locals throughout Pattaya and Chonburi to learn something new. We hope to attract both young, grown ups, beginners or experienced players to come chill and have fun.

Even if your'e a teacher and have a student, please feel welcome to use Let's Hyde Resort & Villas as your Chess Training Venue.

Learning Chess triggers hidden creativity abilities, and helps you to learn new things about yourself. By playing a Chess match you also train the right side of your brain, (the creative side), you will automatically improve your problem-solving ability. Completing a chess match makes you think faster focus on solving new questions each move as your opponent play and you have a new scenario to solve for every move that is played. 

With the above in mind, (no pun intended), always remember that Let's Hyde Resort and Villas is a place to play chess in Pattaya and the Chess location is in the main Restaurant of the hotel. The Chess is already set. 

Just Drop By, Anytime!


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