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Let's Hyde Resort & Villas Information Blog of North Pattaya Hotel Naklua informs about what the hotel and area has to offer.

We aim to update the blog as much as possible as we establish the hotel more and more.



Welcome to Let’s Hyde Resort & Villas in Pattaya Naklua located near the amazing shores of Wong Amat Beach Naklua. This distinctive exotic resort invites guests to participate in the luxury of beachside resort. With only a few minutes walk from Naklua Bay, Let’s Hyde takes the Pattaya guest experience to a whole new level of style and comfort.

Wong Amat is north of Pattaya Nua. It is a peaceful, more up-market location and is therefore a popular area for tourists due to its beautiful white sand beaches and close proximity to Pattaya city. Naklua is well known, while the area located by the beach is considered peaceful and chill. Finally, it is good to know that there is very little traffic coming through.

Soon Wong Amat Naklua will be a home to the largest shopping mall in Pattaya, Terminal 21 Naklua. Terminal 21 will be just a few minutes walk from Let’s Hyde Resort & Villas.

As one of Pattaya’s most prestigious and beautiful private beaches, Wong Amat Beach provides the perfect setting for resort hideaway. The beach is only 10 minutes from central Pattaya and a quick walk from Let’s Hyde Resort & Villas.

Let’s Hyde Resort & Villas in North Pattaya is mixing the relaxing and carefree spirit of a tropical yet seaside retreat. With the comfort and convenience charming city living, Let’s Hyde is a hotel where you can relax and recharge.

Let’s Hyde hotel visitors enjoy outstanding facilities including a large tropical pool surrounded with lush landscaping and trees. Guests are guaranteed to use the private access to Wong Amat Beach Naklua.


North Pattaya also known as Naklua is much more chill and laid back than South and Central Pattaya. One should know that North Pattaya, Central Pattaya and South Pattaya are all what makes Pattaya what it is, of course it remains as Pattaya’s city centre.

One can easily walk to many popular sites like Tiffany’s Cabaret Show and Alcazar show. Just like Central and South Pattaya Beaches, North Pattaya Beach (Naklua) is very popular and full of wonderful charm. The beaches are full of bright coloured beach chairs, sun beds, and umbrellas. There are also plenty of sports to be played in the water like sailing, jet-ski’s etc. The Naklua and Wong Amat Beach area has a lots of small local shops and restaurants, perfect for guests who wants to be center of the action. When staying in North Pattaya guests still have a chance to relax away from the hustle and bustle. Therefore in this area, guests are always less than 10 minutes from all major attractions and nightlife.


Nearby, high into the sky and carved fully out of teak wood, the Sanctuary of Truth. It is a huge wooden construction that is one of a kind. Only a short walk from Let’s Hyde Resort & Villas, this amazing structure is a collection of religion, philosophy, culture and art. Also the Sanctuary of Truth is a fantastic evidence of Thai craftsmanship.

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